2016 rewind

This is a more personal post as oppose to book related stuff. I just wanted to reflect on 2016. I had a lot of fantastic and crazy good things happen that I hope continue into 2017. Fingers crossed. For 2016, I posted a picture a day and talked about good things that happened. Here are some snapshots of my happy day pictures. Also, sorry I didn’t edit the pictures. They’re just screenshots. XD


I wasn’t planning on dating or anything in 2o16 because I had, had enough with guys and how they treated me… Well, I ended up meeting my boyfriend in December of 2015, online. We started talking then ended up having our first date on January 2nd, 2016. We went out to Chinese and then went to the movie (I don’t remember the movies but it was something to do with the stepdad and biological father???) and then I hung out with him for a little longer after. After our date as I was proceeding home, I had a text from him to check my backseat. I saw this glorious Harry Potter related book. I also made him buy The Book Thief. He enjoyed what he read of it… but then he lost the book and never ended up finishing it. :c img_5078

The company I work for has these things called “WOW!”‘s. We can write them for people that we think needs to be recognized for doing a great job. I ended up getting one from a Registered Dietitian when I worked in the nutrition department for my job. I thought that was pretty awesome! (:I went to a really pretty and rustic coffee shop. I’ve always wanted to go to one. I was finally able to do that this year! I even road the city for the first time ever because I don’t like driving downtown and because my boyfriend didn’t have a car at the time… It was an extremely sketchy experience. I also found one of the best sushi restaurants in town that night.

I don’t even remember what movie I watched during this picture but it was the first time I saw the movie theater by my house after it was remodeled. THEY HAVE RECLINER CHAIRS!!!! It’s literally the best movie theater I’ve been to, which is funny because it didn’t use to be so fancy. But my god, the seats are so comfy.

img_5081If you can’t read this, it says “Dear Amber, Thank you for always being so helpful! We appreciate all the extra things you do and are excited to have you on our team, Thanks again!” and it’s signed from all my supervisors and managers from when I worked in the nutrition department at the hospital I work at. Honestly, it was very unexpected. I didn’t think I did too much extra work, but they must have saw something, right? I miss my nutrition people ❤
img_5082I had my first eye exam this year and ended up getting glasses. It feels nice to see things that are far away. However, I barely ever wear my glasses because I think I look ugly with this. The eye place thought it would be hilarious to make me try on glasses after I got my eyes dilated so I couldn’t see anything! It was horrendous. But I do wear them from time to time when I’m trying to places I’ve never been to before so I can see road signs better. editI got an email for a job interview this year way back in March! 😀 It was just a phone interview. It was super quick and I was extremely nervous but the recruiter said he thought Id be a good candidate so he forwarded my resume to the hiring supervisors 😀
My boyfriend (before we became a couple) went to Flint, Michigan for 2 months due to the water crisis. His national guard team went over there to help pass out water to people. The night before this picture, I got a text from him saying a friend would be dropping off a present for him and to leave the door unlocked so it wouldn’t get wet from the rain. Later that night, my dogs started barking, and the next thing I knew I was being tackled from behind. This little stinker drove 2 hours to my house just to surprise me. ❤

Remember when I told you that I had that phone interview? Well after the phone interview, I had another interview with the supervisors AND I GOT THE JOB! Before i got the patient transport job, my nutrition supervisor told me he put in a really good word for me. that’s probably why I got the patient transport job, but it made me feel good nonetheless! I’ve grown so much while working in Patient Transport (I bring patients to appointments and such). I love this job so much. It’s really helped me decide my passion with helping people and helped me decide to go to school to be a CNA, which I’ll be starting in January 😀img_5089I drove all the way out to Flint, Michigan to see my boyfriend while we were dating. I went to a strip club for the first time and got a little bit too drunk…. but it was fun (and awkward…) That’s also when I started my relationship with my boyfriend. We ended up making it official on March 27th, 2016 ❤ img_5090My boyfriend decided to start sending me all of these crazy Harry Potter things. He send a wand, necklace, earrings, robe, and a sweater and skirt. What a crazy wild child. :3

My trainer and I ended up getting a WOW! eve though my trainer is really the one that did all of the work and I feel like I shouldn’t have have my name on this paper, butttttt. I also had the best trainer ever. We went to a gift shop and I saw that they had CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE BEANS but I had no money so my trainer bought them for me ❤


My boyfriend and I also went to see Gabriel Iglesias live. He was freaking hilarious. We also spent the night in a glorious hotel and had super yummy drinks. I need more date nights like this….

I started my glorious Harry Potter shelf! I’ve added a lot to it since this picture but look how pretty it is! I love it. I’m such a hardcore Harry Potter nerd. I feel no shame. I also ended up caving and buying the illustrated Harry Potter book. It’s so beautiful. 

I wish I had more time to cuddle in him in the morning, but I loved working part-time at 9am so I was able to get lots and lots of cuddles from my boo. Isn’t he adorable? :3img_5098I was also a nice girlfriend and bought this gorgeous sunglasses. They’re super expensive and I ended up breaking them and had to get a new pair, but I love these. They’re beautiful. They don’t block the sun too well, but I still look cute, right?img_5099Jon from SimplySpoons commented on my comment on youtube. If you don’t know who he is, go and check him out. He’s fabulous. I love his album so, so, so much.

img_5102One day my boyfriend spent the night and made my bed and left this note while I was away at work. It says” Love you Amber. You’re an amazing person. I am very happy with you. Have a great day baby. Love Devon” ❤

I had a fantastic vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was a beautiful place and it makes me sad that it burned in flames. I’d still love to go and visit some day. I also had a great time with my Grandma while we were there. I felt like we became a lot closer. (:

My Boyfriend bought me a chocolate frog and new sunglasses. He gave me these gorgeous sunglasses, but then I ended up losing them… I was devastated so he bought me a new pair (but I gave him money for them because I felt terrible). They’re my favorite 😀

I GOT TO SEE DEMI LOVATO AND NICK JONAS IN CONCERT! My boyfriend was a great sport and came with. I also got this cute little tiger that someone made me. I seriously am in love with it. They’re so talented. img_5114

Hey look, I started my blog! I’m very glad I started this in September. It’s been a fantastic and while ride 😀

I got a cute hufflepuff robe and new Harry Potter book for my birthday. I also went clubbing for the first time ever which was fun (and i also, again, drank too much alcohol). I wish I could go clubbing again. It was so much fun. Except, I’m a horrible dancer…. 


It was patient appreciation week at work so we got a cute coffee mug and a coupon for the grocery store. My boyfriend also showed up to surprise me (but i was working so he left a note) ❤
img_5120My and I went and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was a fantastic movie! We even got frozen butter beer to enjoy the movie with (ugh, so good!) My lovely friend, and booktuber, sent me this cute starter pack on her new book she just self-published! Super excited to read it. If you want to know more about her book, read the synopsis on goodreads hereMy boyfriend got his first tattoo! It’s not finished yet. He finishes in January, but it’s pretty! I’m super excited for him… Except it’s making me want another tattoo really bad even though I don’t have the money yet…

I spoiled myself with this glorious laptop. It’s my first ever Mac and I love it. I hate windows 10 with a full blown passion so I got a Macbook Air instead so I didn’t have to deal with it… I don’t like how things are stored on the Mac, but I still love how sleek the laptop is (:It’s hard to see, but my boyfriend got me this super cute necklace for Christmas. It’s 1/8th ct diamond and 14 ct gold.  It was the only gift I got from him for Christmas, but that’s okay. I feel spoiled ❤

img_5257 My boyfriend and I started talking one year ago.

2016 was such a fantastic year for my own personal growth. In 2017 I’ll hopefully become a CNA, get a CNA job, and potentially move out. Beyond excited to see how I grow in the up coming year ❤


3 thoughts on “2016 rewind

  1. I LOVE the idea of posting a picture a day for a year, reflecting on the good parts of the day. That is such an amazing idea that I may have to adopt it.

    Also, movie theater with reclining seats! Where in the world is this miraculous place??


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