About Me



Me. What is there to say really? I work at a hospital as patient transport, meaning I transport patients from point a to point b. That can either be xrays, ct scans, echos, etc. Some of my favorite subjects to learn about are psychology, sociology, as well as communications. I love learning about people and how people interact with others and why people act the way they do. By learning, it opens my eyes to new cultures, new ways of live, new ways to interact.

This is one reason why I love reading so much. I get to experience how a character lives and how he or she faces the struggles placed upon them, how they fight their demons in their minds, how they get over heart ache, how they experience new loves, etc. It’s just fascinating.

My favorite genre is what I like to call “realistic fiction”. I doubt that’s the proper name but I love reading about books in which the character is facing something life changing such as an eating disorder, depression, living with someone with PTSD. My favorite author, Laurie Halse Anderson, is really good at writing about those different subjects. However, I still really enjoy fantasy books that deal with faeries, angels, mythology. I’m not huge into high fantasy or books about vampires and werewolves.

Any questions, feel free to message me (:

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